Friday, 23 November 2012

Mother we love you!

'No really,' said Flossie, 'I'm quite happy to wait, I'm sure we all are!'

And the flock bleated in unison.

'No! No!' replied Lefty. 'I wouldn't here of it.'

'But it doesn't seem right,' said Flossie, 'not without her.'

'I should have gone after her straight away,' conceded Lefty.

'Perhaps we should all go and look?' said Flossie.

'She won't have gone far, I'm sure of it,' replied Lefty.

'Does she ever use the old... you know?' asked Flossie.

'The frame?' said Lefty.


'She didn't take to it,' replied Lefty. 'She hates anything like that. Reminds her that she's getting old I suppose.'

'Honestly, this can wait,' said Flossie. 'We can split up...'

Hooky tapped furiously.

'We can stay together,' corrected Flossie, 'and have ten minutes looking for her and then get on with the vicious pointy sword revenge thing afterwards.'

'No seriously,' replied Lefty, 'it's very kind of you but I'm convinced she'll be fine and I'm not sure she'd manage the gangplank anyway.'

'You know I've never told you this before,' said Flossie, 'but your mum...well she's more than just your mum, she's like a mother to all of us really.'

And the flock bleated and Hooky tapped and a tear rolled down Slightly Threatening Dave's cheek and off the end of his nose.

'You been eating cheese again?' asked Flossie and Slightly Threatening Dave nodded his head.

'Right then,' he continued, 'vicious pirate inspired pointy sword death revenge here we come! Only we'll have to take turns with the pointy sword.'

'Fine!' said Lefty.

And the flock moved forward.

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