Monday, 5 November 2012

Of elephants and art

'I really am so sorry,' trumpeted Norman.

'It's just one of those things,' replied Norma.

'It was an accident,' added Norman.

'I know,' replied Norma. 'We have to accept that there is more to an elephant than just a trunk and two of those mores are a pair of very pointy tusks!'

'I've not been in an art gallery for years!' said Norman. 'They won't let me in! I've tried tying cushions on the ends of them and everything'

'That's not fair,' mooed Annie.

'No it isn't,' agreed Norma.

'It's elephantist!' continued Annie.

'I couldn't have put it better myself,' said Norma, 'and anyway they're not big holes, well they are quite big but Annie will soon have them repaired.'

'I'm using a special running elephant proof stitch.'

'See!' said Norma. 'Then when she's finished she can give you a whole heap of hugs and everything will be alright. In fact I think you deserve a hug right now!'

So Norma gave Norman an extra large hug.

'Thanks!' said Norman.

'My pleasure!' replied Norma.

'I'll understand if you don't want me to take any further part,' said Norman.

Norma gave Norman a very hard look.

'Now you listen here mister!' she said. 'This thing is far from over and this is no time to be quiting. I need you out there! I need you out there carrying a large landscape painting on your side in an attempt to deceive a vicious flock of pirate sheep in what is quite probably the most bizarre storyline that we've ever been involved with...and believe me we've been involved in a few over the years!'

'Even I find them strange sometimes!' added Annie.

'See!' said Norma. 'Now strap a picture to your hide and don't give me anymore of this quiting business!'

'Right oh!' replied Norman.

'But do try to keep your trunk out of sight because you were waving it about all over the place last time,' added Norma.

'I'll do my best,' replied Norman.

'That's all I'm asking!' said Norma..and she gave Norman another hug.


Gina said...

Aaaaaw...nicely handled Norma! :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Thank god for short sheep!