Friday, 2 November 2012

On the misdirection of pirate sheep

'I see them!' mooed Norma.

''Where?' asked Bertha.

'They're just moving up between Rob's Novelty Cutlass Marquee and The Eye Patch Emporium.'

'That's means they're keeping to their expected route,' replied Bertha.

'That's right!' said Norma. 'Get ready.........Now! Signal twice!'

Bertha flicked her horn and the red duster waved above her head.

'Excellent!' said Norma. 'Horace has seen it! He's signalling to Annie and she's........fallen over sideways! No, she's back up and dancing!'

'Has Norman seen her?'

'He has!' replied Norma. 'He's moving into position.'


'Ah! No!'

'What?' asked Bertha.

'They've stopped!' replied Norma.

'I thought we wanted them to?'

'But they've not got to Norman yet! They've stopped at the junction of The Gangplank Cafe and The Yardarm Tavern...they're thinking about turning left!'

'They can't do that!' exclaimed Bertha.

'I know!' replied Norma. 'Go Geraldine! Go!'

And a small turn right sign shot out from between the bushes and weaved across the damp autumn grass.

'I really didn't want to use her this early on!' said Norma.

'If you have to you have to!' replied Bertha.

'But what if it all falls apart!' said Norma.

'Then we'll just have to fight them head on!' mooed Bertha.

'I'LL BE IN MY CABIN!' called out Captain Bill.

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Armenoi said...

Oh the bravery of the man/bovine/captainy thing.

Nowhere to be seen! Leave it to the girls to get it sorted (and Cyril of course - you can always rely on Cyril).