Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Panicking and not panicking

'Just....just let go! Cyril! CYRIL! Let go! LET GO!'

'You panic, you know that don't you!' replied Cyril.

Captain Bill turned and faced Cyril.

'Panicking is there for a reason!' he mooed. 'It's a perfectly justifiable response to being chased with pointy swords!'

'It's a lovely day!' said Cyril.

'What?' replied Captain Bill.

'It's a lovely day,' repeated Cyril. 'If you didn't panic so much you'd be more aware of these sort of things.'

'If I get run through with a pointy sword I shall be aware of very little!' replied Captain Bill.

'Wonderful autumn colours,' continued Cyril. 'Raw siennas, oranges, soft lemon yellows.'

'Have you been drinking?' asked Captain Bill.

'A nip of sedge brandy nothing more,' replied Cyril.

'Look!' said Captain Bill. 'If you want to muse lyrically about the time of year that's up to you but I would like to get on with panicking and running away! So if you have absolutely no genuine reason for detaining me?'

'Wellllllllllllllllllll,' replied Cyril. 'I was going to ask you to lend a hoof with these crowns...they weren't cheap you know.'

'Neither,' said Captain Bill, 'in my considered opinion is my life!'

'But just while we've been standing here,' continued Cyril, '...taking in the autumnal aspect of the landscape...I've been struck by a more pertinent reason.'

'Which would be?' asked Captain Bill.

'You could help me with those,' replied Cyril and he indicated towards two objects at the edge of the field.

'What?' said Captain Bill for the second time.

'Those,' replied Cyril. 'We could carry them between us.'

'But..........................why?' asked Captain Bill.

'All will become clear,' replied Cyril.

'I very much doubt it!' muttered Captain Bill.

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Gina said...

As I sit here sipping my Blackberry Cordial (mostly brandy), I can't help feeling Cyril and I would get along famously :D XXX