Friday, 16 November 2012

Reasons for being chased

'Well,' said Norma, 'I suppose it is a bit like kiss chase but you'd have to replace the word 'kiss' with the words 'horrible pointy sword death'.'

'Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!' mooed Annie. 'That doesn't sound like anywhere near as much fun.'

'Indeed!' replied Norma. 'Which is why I'm suggesting to you that you don't go back for your hat and we simply knit you another one once we're safely home.'

'Perhaps I could get the shrimps to knit if for me?' said Annie.

'I'm sure they've been missing you,' replied Norma. 'Now maybe we should concentrate on catching up with the others?'

'Queen Whateverhernameis can run very quickly considering that she's only got two legs!' said Annie.

'It's come as a surprise to me as well!' replied Norma. 

'Perhaps she's got fifteen tiny invisible legs that she only uses for special occasions?' mused Annie.

'Possibly?' replied Norma.

'I think if I were a Queen it's the sort of thing that I'd have fitted,' continued Annie. 'You could probably get it done at a cheap rate what with being royal.'

'It would be a perk of the job,' agreed Norma.

'As soon as I marry a King I'll get it done!' said Annie.

'Best of luck!' replied Norma.

'So are we all going back to the ship?' asked Annie.

'That's the idea,' replied Norma.

'Bertha's gone ahead to get things ready and me and you and Horace and Norman and Queen Phoebe and Geraldine are all heading that way.'

'So where is my chum Mr Sir Cyril and Captain Eyepatch?' asked Annie.

And Norma came to an abrupt halt.

'Now that,' she said, 'is a very good question!'

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Gina said... can't leave us hanging on like that!!!!! What if the sheep catch up on Sunday???? :D XXX