Monday, 26 November 2012


'Ha! Ha! Go at them me lucky lads! Care not for health and safety! Run 'em through! Death! Death, slaughter and a bit more death! Kill 'em...Kill 'em a.....'

'There's nobody here,' said Lefty.

'.....Oh! So there isn't!' bleated Flossie. 'Sorry, got carried away! Didn't notice.'

'Good speech though.'

'Did you like it? I didn't have time to write anything down. I was trying to keep it inspirational but short. I didn't want to get bogged down in the whole, we've only got one pointy sword, form a queue, take it turns, Dave gets first go because it's his, thing. Sometimes in leadership you have to take a back seat and show confidence in others abilities to problem solve.'

'I think you got it just right,' replied Lefty, 'and the 'care not for health and safety' quip went down very well.'

'I confess I had thought of that a while ago,' said Flossie. 'Just been looking for the right moment to use it.'

'So what now?' asked Lefty.

'Well,' replied Flossie. 'We seem to be facing a classic, 'boarded enemy vessel turns out to have no one on it' scenario. If you ask me it's an obvious trap situation.'

And Hooky tapped in agreement.

'Which means that we should immediately about face and leave the.......and yet?' said Flossie.

'And yet?' asked Lefty.

'Well despite all of my ruthless pirating instincts telling me to leave I find this unexpected area of grass to my left calling out to my more basic herbivorous tendencies. Then added to it I now observe two gates which look suspiciously like they've recently been carried some distance from a field...but still I find myself unable to hold back from the urge to pass between them to find out what's on the other side!'

And the flock bleated loudly in agreement.

'So that's settled then!' said Lefty.

And the flock advanced.

(And today marks the 700th blog on this particular blogging platform!)


Armenoi said...

Oh hoorah - a blog birthday - well done and congratulations. Such stamina!

Goblinf said...

and every since one has been solid gold!