Friday, 9 November 2012

Running with pirate sheep

'Well pointy sword or no pointy sword, I'm not bothered!' bleated Flossie. 'If we have to run we have to run!'

'You'll hear no disagreement from me!' replied Lefty.

'We need to get this crown business over and done with!'

'The lads feel the same way!' replied Lefty.

And the flock all gave a rather gasping running cheer.

'And you're certain that you saw her?'

'It was only for a moment,' replied Lefty, 'but it was her alright! A second sighting of her royal personage and no mistake! Although obviously she didn't have a crown on.'

'I wish I'd seen her myself!' continued Flossie, 'only I found myself momentarily distracted by what appeared to be a mad pirate doing a waltz.'

Hooky tapped twice.

'I polka then!' corrected Flossie.

'The whole jamboree's been very strange!' replied Lefty.

'Maybe give it a miss next year?' suggested Flossie.

'I think the lads would be quite happy to,' replied Lefty.

And the flock all gave another gasping running cheer which caused one of them to stop for a while to recover.

'Levels of fitness!' said Flossie. 'We'll need to have a chat about them!

Lefty nodded.

'So where are we heading to now?' asked Flossie.

'Not sure really?' replied Lefty. 'I've just been following the signs!'

'We'll get to the top of this rise and then have a rest,' said Flossie.

And the flock gave a third gasping running cheer...which resulted in four of them stopping to lean against a hedge.


Gina said...

That gasping cheer reminds me...I could do with some exercise myself :D XXX

Armenoi said...

No wonder I see lots of little bits of fleece stuck in hedges when out walking. I should keep my eyes open