Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sheep Vs Queen

'Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Etcetera, etcetera,' said Flossie.

'And revenge and death?' asked Lefty.

'Indeed! Indeed!' replied Flossie. 'Definately revenge and death. Basically very much the same speech as last time but in a more appropriate setting as we now seem to have found someone to take revenge upon.'

'Think we all get the picture,' said Lefty.

And the flock bleated in agreement.

'One is not afraid!' said Queen Phoebe.

'Your choice!' replied Flossie. 'Fear, no fear, doesn't make much difference to us.'

'And Dave still gets first go with the pointy sword?' asked Lefty.

'Seems only fair,' replied Flossie. 'Now before we go on, any questions?'

Hooky tapped several times, then stopped, then tapped some more..

'Well,' replied Flossie, 'glad you raised that, there's no getting away from it, two white gates to go through, freshly laid grass, big arrow sign on the wall, all of which leads us to an open door with a Queen wearing a solid gold crown. You'd have to's a trap...but we've come this far and I'm up for it if you are?'

'Think the whole revenge and death side of it has overridden any rational concerns on the stupidly obvious trap front,' suggested Lefty.

And again the flock bleated loudly.

'Fine by me then!' said Flossie.

'One is still not afraid!' said Queen Phoebe. 'But if you could get on with it? Only One's plates are beginning to ache what with all this standing around!'

'Your wish,' replied Flossie, 'is our command! After her lads!'

And the flock rushed in.

And the door slammed closed behind them.

And Queen Phoebe...

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Gina said...

Hahahahaha....just caught up on story...fabulous! :D XXX