Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sideways panicking made easy

'Why?' gasped Captain Bill. 'What does he want with them?'

'I don't know,' replied Norma. 'But he says he's got a plan.'

'Eleventy billion squillion miles he made me carry them!'

'I think he helped?' said Norma.

'My hooves have worn away!' continued Captain Bill.

'Perhaps you would benefit from having fifteen tiny invisible legs?' 

'What?' said Captain Bill.

'Nothing,' replied Norma.

'I could have been attacked with a pointy sword at any moment!' 

'Were you?' asked Norma.

'Who knows!' continued Captain Bill. 'I'm too tired to care!'

'So shall I leave you there?' asked Norma.

'NO!' mooed Captain Bill.

'You'll have to move yourself then,' replied Norma. 'The utterly ruthless pirate sheep can't be far behind.'

'You'll have to carry me.'

'I can't!' replied Norma.

'Someone else then! Norman...or Bertha....or...'

'They're all busy.'

Captain Bill got to his hooves.

'I never ever want to leave home again!' he said.

'I'll feel free to remind you when you do,' replied Norma.

'Fine!' said Captain Bill. 'Now can we just get to the ship and sail away.'

'No!' replied Norma. 'Not really.'

'Why?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well I'm not sure what Cyril's plan is,' replied Norma, 'but I know it involves us staying here...for the moment at least.'

And Captain Bill fell over again.

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Armenoi said...

I'd ask you where your backbone is Captain bill but I'm afraid that the answer might be 'Cyril has sold it'