Thursday, 22 November 2012

When Cyril moved quickly

'And Mr Norman says he can do as you asked and Queen Thingymeboggle has agreed and Geraldine is going to cut the hole where you requested,' mooed Annie as she ran alongside Cyril.

Cyril slowed down.

'I can take things easily then!' he said.

'I think it suits you,' replied Annie.

'It's much more me,' said Cyril.

'But you did run all of,' and at this point Annie got out a tape measure, 'about 4 inches.'

'I've not done that in years!' said Cyril.

'You look better for it,' replied Annie.

'Toned?' asked Cyril.

Annie shrugged her horns. 'Whatever!' she replied. 'Also I need to inform you that I'm going to marry a King and have fifteen tiny invisible legs fitted.'

'Do I get to be best man?' asked Cyril.

'If you want to,' replied Annie.

'You'd probably have to make me an Earl before I could do it.'

'I'd rather make you ten breakfasts,' replied Annie.

'I'd probably rather have them!' said Cyril. 'Although to be honest I'd prefer to have eleven.'

'I would imagine that as a Queen I could make you as many breakfasts as I liked,' replied Annie.

'Or order someone to do it for you,' said Cyril.

'Hmm,' said Annie, 'I think I'd like to be the sort of Queen who would be regal and reserved but still not be far from a frying pan.'

'That could make you the best Queen that there's ever been,' replied Cyril.

But at that moment they were interrupted by Bertha who called to them from above.

'Pirate sheep in sight!' she shouted.

'Best get on then!' said Cyril.

And so they did...but without running or moving very fast at all.

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Armenoi said...

Heroic AND suave.