Saturday, 10 November 2012

When everything seemed hopeless

'Errrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?' sighed Flossie. 'Not sure what to suggest really?'

'I blame myself!' replied Lefty.

'No! No! Not your fault!' said Flossie.

'But I'm the one who's got us lost!' bleated Lefty.

'Couldn't be helped,' replied Flossie. 'There must be something wrong with this plan.'

'It's easy enough to follow,' said Lefty.

'There are a heck of a lot of health and safety stalls!'

'12!' replied Lefty. 'I counted them.'

'Strange thing is I can still hear the jamboree going on!' added Flossie.

'I know!' replied Lefty. 'But I can't see even a single tent or marquee!'

'We must be just on the edge of it,' said Flossie.

Hooky tapped at a sign he was standing next to.

'Trouble is they don't seem to have helped,' replied Flossie.

'Made it worse if you ask me,' said Lefty.

'Well we have to find our way back somehow,' continued Flossie, 'or we'll never get this crown sold on.'

And the flock bleated in agreement.

'Wait a minute!' said Lefty. 'Look! Over there!'

And the flock looked 'over there' and saw, through a clearing that they hadn't noticed before, a way back to the jamboree and almost before their very eyes was a stall...a rather interesting stall.

'Could give it a go?' suggested Lefty.

'Nothing to lose!' replied Flossie. 'Things can't get any worse!'

So the flock put the crown back on the trolley and made their way through to the stall.

'Afternoon!' said Flossie.

'Afternoon!' said Cyril.

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Armenoi said...

Hoorah... Cyril - yay!