Wednesday, 7 November 2012

When Horace was pressed into action

'It won't be for long!' mooed Norma.

'Er?' said Horace.

'It's simple really,' continued Norma. 

'But?' said Horace.

'Bertha needs to get Algernon...'

'Who?' asked Horace.

'Algernon!' replied Norma. '....The giraffe!'

'Oh!' said Horace.

'She needs to get Algernon into place and then arrange to move Norman to sector 3 while Geraldine co-ordinates with the hedgehogs over the turn left signs so that we can push the terribly hostile pirate sheep into zone alpha 6.'

'But couldn't you?' asked Horace.

'No!' replied Norma. 'As I've already explained I need to liaise with Queen Phoebe and then be on hoof to give her her cue when Annie does a polka so that she, that's Queen Phoebe, can briefly appear but it all hinges on you giving the right signal at the right time.'

'Er?' said Horace.

'You just have to wave a flag!' exclaimed Norma.

'When?' asked Horace.

'When the terribly hostile pirate sheep leave area 12 but before they turn into quadrant 7! Please! I know you can do it!'

It's just,' replied Horace,'.....................I'm a poet!'

'Well couldn't you, just for two minutes, be a flag waving poet?'

'Er?' said Horace.

'Thanks!' said Norma and she hurried on her way.

'If I can I'll send reinforcements!' she called out over her horns as she stampeded away.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

Nope... you will be a poet on your own. Well and truly on your own... with a slowly approaching flock of confused but ferociously determined piratey sheep.
Think of the ensuing epic you could pen...