Thursday, 15 November 2012

When pirate sheep give chase

'Ha! Ha! Ha! Shiver me tail and run 'em off the gang plank!.............You're right you know!' bleated Flossie. 'I seem to have got more enthusiasm back into it.'

'There's more gravitas in your voice,' replied Lefty. 'I think this whole seeking bloody revenge after selling a solid gold crown for a pile of useless rubbish fiasco might have been just the sort of motivational factor that you've been looking for.'

'It's true!' agreed Flossie. 'I think it's really helped focus my mind, taken me back towards the sort of core pirating activities that I always used to enjoy so much!'

'So do you think you'll stick with it?' asked Lefty.

'Have to wait and see,' replied Flossie. 'But if this new mood continues I don't see why not.'

'Flock'll be very pleased to hear it!' said Lefty.

And with that they both turned to look back up the hill.

'We really are going to have to do something about fitness levels,' said Flossie.

'It's not good,' replied Lefty. 'And mum's not as agile as she once was.'

'She's not last though,' observed Flossie. 'Although she does seem to have strayed off course a little.'

'It's her eyes,' replied Lefty. 'Mum!.......MUM!.....I'll go and bring her back in a while.'

' is Slightly Threatening Dave the only one with a pointy sword these days?' asked Flossie.

'Afraid so,' replied Lefty.

'We'll have to see about getting some more,' said Flossie.

'Christmas is coming up,' replied Lefty. 'Would solve all those tricky gift buying problems.'

'I hadn't thought of that!' said Flossie.

'Not easy to wrap though.'

'Well sometimes you can get them done for you,' replied Flossie, 'and they'll do the little tags and everything.'

'Would take all the strain out of it,' agreed Lefty.

'Mmm,' said Flossie. 'Right then, are you OK to get back to giving chase?'

'Fine by me!' replied Lefty.

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Gina said...

Nice to see us old mums still have our uses. Maybe she could knit everyone new bandanas and eyepatches too...seeing as it is nearly christmas :D XXX