Saturday, 24 November 2012

When pirate sheep invade

'Here they come!' mooed Norma.

'Are there many of them?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well if you stood up you'd see!' replied Norma.

'I'd rather not!' said Captain Bill. 'It might scare them off.'

'HA!' called out Bertha from the cows nest.

'Thank you!' replied Captain Bill.

'It really would be nice if you'd show a little more leadership,' said Norma.

'I am leading!' replied Captain Bill. 'I just thought I'd keep a low profile.'

'Any lower and you'd be below deck!' observed Norma.

'Now there's a thought!'

'Don't you dare!' said Norma. 'And anyway it's up to us to hold them here until Cyril gives us the signal.'

'And if you go before then I'll jump on you from here!' called out Bertha from the cows nest.

'It's all aggression with her!' said Captain Bill.

'She means well,' replied Norma. 'Now you could at least give Geraldine some support.'

Captain Bill glanced around the corner.

'Errrrrr well done!' he said.

'Inspirational!' muttered Norma.

'Afternoon!' said Cyril.

'How's it going?' asked Norma.

'Fine!' replied Cyril. 'Has anyone got a spare breakfast on them?'

'Don't you ever think about anything else?' said Captain Bill.

'I try not to,' replied Cyril. 'So how's life?'

'Perilously close to ending!' said Captain Bill.

'You're still panicking!' replied Cyril. 'Won't do your indigestion any good.'

'So are you ready?' asked Norma.

'...............................................................Suppose so,' said Cyril.


'I dunno?' said Cyril. 'Increasing the dramatic tension?'

And with that Captain Bill fled below deck, Norma and Cyril hurried off and Geraldine put down the 'no entry' sign, did a little dance and then dived off the side of the gangplank into the sea....and all just before the pirate sheep arrived.

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