Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Which way now for the pirate sheep?

Hooky tapped furiously.

'No, he's got it the right way up!' replied Flossie.

Lefty held up the map so everyone could see.

Hooky tapped once.

'Apology accepted!' replied Lefty.

'So where do you think we should be?' asked Flossie.

'Errrrrrrrr, there!' replied Lefty and he indicated a space between two tents.

'What are they?'

'That one's the Big Cannon Tea Tent and the other one's a health and safety advisory stall...although I must admit there are several of those.'

Flossie glanced about him.

'Don't actually seem to be near anything!'

'That's the thing I can't explain,' replied Lefty.

'Could we turn back?' suggested Flossie.

Slightly Threatening Dave pointed to the no entry sign.

'OK!' said Flossie.

'Good idea though,' replied Lefty.

'So where are we trying to get to?' asked Flossie.

'There!' replied Lefty. 'Diamond Doris's Antiques Exchange. She's not a specialist in stolen crowns but I thought I could find it more easily.'

'Hmm,' said Flossie. 'So?'

'I suppose we just press on,' replied Lefty.

And so they did!

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Gina said...

Said it before, but I'll say it again...love the name "Slightly threatening Dave" :D XXX