Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tying up the ends

'So pirate sheep all safely gathered in!' said Norma.

'Are we OK standing on this?' asked Captain Bill.

'I think so,' replied Norma.

'So you were saying?'

'Pirate sheep all safely gathered in,' replied Norma, 'and crown returned to where it belongs!'

'You're summing up the story line aren't you?' said Captain Bill.

'.........................Sort of,' admitted Norma.

'So what happens now?'

'We take Queen Phoebe back, drop off the villains at the same time and then sail home for Christmas.' said Norma.

'And will get people get to read about that?'

'!' replied Norma. 'I'm afraid the time has come for us to take another break. The Great Pencil needs to get back to doing some painting and he can't do everything at the same time.'

'We need to say goodbye then?'

'For the moment. So a HUGE thank you to everyone who's taken the time and the trouble to read about our adventure and a special big hug to those how have left comments or told others about us.'

'And any idea when we'll be back?' asked Captain Bill.

'Hmm,' mused Norma, 'at least a year I'd imagine.'

Right!' said Captain Bill. ' how do we get down off of this?'

'I think we have to jump.'

'Why did he draw us on it anyway?'

'Well it could be symbolic of our desire to get back to our natural environment,' suggested Norma. 'But I suspect it's because he just finds it easier to draw us standing on grass.'


Bigbluebed said...

Bye cows. Have fun and don't do anything silly. No, ignore that - DO lots of silly things.

And see you soon.

Armenoi said...

And with two mights bounds...

Thank you for the tremendous entertainment. My mornings will be the duller for your absence.

Good luck to you all and to the Great Pencil in the Sky, and a Happy Christmas.

Helen-S said...


(But the painting is a good excuse I suppose...)

I've enjoyed this story hugely :)

Goblinf said...

excellent stuff as ever. look forward to the next installment in a year's time. a year's time! arghhhhh

baahar said...

Bye y'all !! Come back soon please ! Thanks for all the entertainment and laughs