Monday, 30 December 2013

How things began again

'Oh go on!' pleaded Captain Bill. 'Sign up now and get issue one for free!'

'Hmmmmm,' said Norma.

'Rope Monthly,' continued Captain Bill, 'for all your monthly rope news and information
...would make an ideal Christmas present!'

'But Christmas has gone!' replied Norma.

'New Year then!' 

'I can't think of anyone that I could give one to as a present.'


'Is there any poetry in it?'

'There's a crossword.'

'That's not the same thing at all.'

'And it incorporates String World,' added Captain Bill.

'That never really took off for you did it?' said Norma.

'I had a problem with the distributor,' replied Captain Bill.

'Did you ever get any money back from Cyril?'

'My legal team advised against taking any action.'

'And your legal team consisted of...?' asked Norma.

'Cyril!' replied Captain Bill. 'I accept, in retrospect, it was a bit eggs in one basket.'

'Mmm,' said Norma.

'So do fancy giving it a go?' asked Captain Bill and he gave Rope Monthly a little wave.

'Does it have a fashion page?'

'.................................................................Might do!'

Norma gave Captain Bill a hard stare.

'Probably not,' conceded Captain Bill.

'Best of luck!' said Norma.

'No hang on!' said Captain Bill.

'Sorry,' said Norma, 'but I promised Annie that I'd go and help with her Snow Cow and I'm late already.'

And so saying Norma herded off down the hill.

'You could always make a hat out of it when you've finished reading it!' called out Captain Bill after her.

But Norma ignored him.


baahar said...

Welcome back!! Thanks for this nice new year present :)

Armenoi said...

So glad to see that the bovines (and presumably pengimings) have been safe whilst we have been away. Thank you so much for giving them back to us - for however long it may be :)