Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Being nice to Captain Bill

'Go away!' mooed Captain Bill. 'Shoo! Shoo!'

'I assume you're not talking to me?' said Norma.

'Mmm? No! No!' replied Captain Bill.

'So do you really only have a few copies left?'

Captain Bill put down his broom and looked forlornly at the small pile of magazines on the table. 'I only had a few copies to start with,' he replied.

'I suppose launching a magazine on an island that only has 6 people living on it was always going to be a gamble,' said Norma.

'Don't forget Geraldine,' reminded Captain Bill. 'She's a very avid reader so I'm told.'

'So has she bought a copy?' asked Norma.

'......................No!' said Captain Bill. 'It might be that I have to rely more on the overseas market. I may need to give the next issue more of an international flavour. Ropes around the World, Hemp across the Hemisphere.'

'Global knots you may not know.'

'Yes, that sort of thing.'

'Well I hope you get some interest,' replied Norma. 'You deserve it after all the hard work you've put in.'

'Thanks!' said Captain Bill. 'So...did Wonky Horns finally get to the point?'

'She did!' replied Norma. 'I do think you should have stayed and listened.'

'One can only endure so much bizarreness,' said Captain Bill, 'and I'm never fully convinced she isn't doing it deliberately.'

'It's just how she is,' replied Norma, 'she gets carried away.'

'I wish she would,' said Captain Bill. 'So?'

'It's exciting!' mooed Norma.

Captain Bill raised his eyebrows.

'No properly exciting,' said Norma. 'More exciting than shooing birds off a sign.'

'Best go and a have a look then,' replied Captain Bill.

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