Thursday, 16 January 2014

Damaged Poet moving...stand aside please!

'Chickens.......Turkeys........Ducks, they can all be connected up to some sort of external power source,' explained Cyril.

'Oh, I never knew,' replied Horace.

'So when Geraldine's finished reading through the brochure have a look yourself and let me know how much you want to invest.'

'I don't really have much spare at the moment. I was thinking about buying some new poetry writing paper.'

'But it would be foolish to miss out,' said Cyril.

'Perhaps I'll think about it after I've recovered.'

'Well,' replied Cyril, 'limited places! I suppose I could make an exception?'

'That's kind,' said Horace, 'and thank you for this as well. Falling off the cliff hurt me more than I first thought.'

'I always seem to survive quite easily,' mooed Annie.

'You're used to it!' said Cyril.

'The trick is to try to avoid the big pointy rocks at the bottom,' added Annie.

'I'll remember that for the future,' replied Horace.

'If you'd been fitted with a brace of steam powered pheasants you would never have got into trouble in the first place,' suggested Cyril.

'Anyhoweverables,' continued Annie, 'there'll be precious little time for falling off cliffs in the coming weeks. We have an adventure to go on!!!!'

'Which is why you'll need to get your investment options sorted out before we set sail,' added Cyril.

So Cyril pulled Horace along (and gave some friendly, all for free, unbiased investment advice*), Geraldine finished the brochure (decided not to invest) and passed it onto Horace and Annie kept a careful eye out for any cliffs which might spring out unexpectedly.

*Large amounts of money laying around? Not sure what to do with it? Cyril's free advice has helped thousands and why should you be left out? Contact Cyril today! To ensure a speedy reply please include an envelope full of the type of money you're thinking of investing so that Cyril can make an instant assessment. 


Gina said...

Steam powered pheasant? Sounds interesting....:D XXX

Armenoi said...

It would be a good idea to check the string periodically as it looks like Cyril is eating it.

Could be a whole new line of 'String Travels' articles for Captain Bill.

Armenoi said...

Sudden thought...
What about the Pickled Heifer?

Steve Allender said...

Fear not! The Pickled Heifer will be appearing soon enough.