Saturday, 11 January 2014

Forensics made easy

'I know you don't always get on with her but she is our top forensics expert,' said Norma.

Captain Bill glanced up towards Annie and shuffled forward to get a closer look at the chest.

'We're concentrating on the label on the top of it,' said Norma.

'Right,' replied Captain Bill, 'and you don't think it's likely to explode?'

'The label?' asked Norma.

'No, no the whole thing,' said Captain Bill.

'I doubt it,' replied Norma.

'And it's not booby trapped at all? No concealed knives that pop out or mallets on springs or guns on elastic bands?'

'Guns on elastic bands?' queried Norma.

'Well that sort of thing,' replied Captain Bill.

'We've no reason to think so,' said Norma.

'Fine!' said Captain Bill and he moved a bit closer. 'So what do we know about it?'

'Annie dear!' mooed Norma.

Annie scrambled down from her chair, ran around the chest 4 times, fell over, got up, put her hats back on and came to a halt just before Captain Bill and Norma.

'Ahem!' she began. 'Following a detailed analysis, including chemical testing, x-rays, dendrocromo, dendrocosmo, dendroomomomomo...that thing you do with wood, lunch, several naps, a walk....another walk...another lunch...'

'Get to the point!' said Captain Bill.

'Don't know yet!' replied Annie and she hurried back to her chair.

'Are we paying her for this?' asked Captain Bill.

And Norma shook her head.

'Well if you want something doing,' said Captain Bill and he moved forward yet again until the tip of his nose came to rest on the chest.

'AHA!' shouted Annie.

'ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!' screamed Captain Bill


Armenoi said...

Oh the bravery of the lad.

Gina said...

Now that's a CSI series I would watch :D XXX