Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hiding cake from Cyril

'So what's the hold up?' asked Bertha.

'He's just finishing a sonnet,' replied Norma.

'Now?' asked Bertha.

'It just came to him,' replied Norma. 'He won't be a minute.'

'Well actually!' called up Horace.

'He won't be long,' repeated Norma.

Bertha ran up to the top of the rise and back again.

'Geraldine can't hold him much longer. He can smell the icing already,' she pointed out.

'A minute, two at the most,' said Norma with a smile.

'Perhaps I could be of more use back there?' suggested Captain Bill.

'You stay just where you are!' mooed Bertha.

'Can I remind you who's captain,' said Captain Bill.

'I could soon make some more confetti,' replied Bertha.

'Oooooooooooooh!' said Annie. 'Is there going to be another wedding? Could I be best man? Does Captain Eyepatch have to divorce the tree first? Only they've not been together long. It's the children I feel sorry for.'

'Not now please!' said Norma.

'So?' asked Bertha.

'He's finished,' replied Norma.

'No I havn...' called out Horace.

'He has,' said Norma.

'Right,' said Bertha. 'Everyone stand by!...................Go Annie!'

And Annie waved her flag and Geraldine gave Cyril sight of one of his favourite cupcakes.

'He's off!' shouted Annie.

And Horace started to rise.

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