Saturday, 4 January 2014

How to tell if you're married

'Are you sure?' asked Annie.

'I'm sure,' replied Captain Bill.

'Sure?' asked Annie.

'Sure!' replied Captain Bill.







'Only sometimes people get married without realising it.'

'I have not got married!' replied Captain Bill.

'I was married to a halibut for seven years without knowing about it and...hang on...I may have dreamt that!' said Annie.

'I am NOT married!' 

'Then why are you covered in...'

'IT'S NOT CONFETTI!' shouted Captain Bill.

'..........................................You're only shouting at me because I've got wonky horns aren't you?' asked Annie.

'I am shouting at you because you're the most annoying person that I've ever met!' replied Captain Bill.

'You need to meet more people,' said Annie.

But before the conversation could continue Bertha arrived.

'You've got a lot to answer for,' said Captain Bill.

'I'll live with it,' replied Bertha. 'Now has anyone seen Cyril?'

'If you're talking about Lord Sir Cyril of Powered Chickens Incorporated DFC and Snack Bar he is, at this very moment, even as we speak, helping me keep my hats on,' said Annie.

'But he's not here,' replied Bertha.

'Was helping me several days ago and I haven't seen him since,' corrected Annie.

'Why do you want him anyway,' asked Captain Bill.

'It's a poetry problem,' replied Bertha. 

'Which is?' asked Captain Bill.

'Horace has fallen off a cliff,' replied Bertha.

And so saying Bertha stampeded onward to try to find Cyril and left Captain Bill and Annie to head off towards the cliffs.

Although Annie had to stop several times to put her hats back on.

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Armenoi said...

Oh but think of the poetry!