Thursday, 30 January 2014

It's nice to know you're safe

'No it's still not quite straight,' said Norma.

'It'll do for the time being,' replied Captain Bill. 'I make it we're doing around three knots.'

'Quite fast for us,' said Norma.

'Mmm,' replied Captain Bill. 'I have to say it feels good to be all at sea again.'

'Couldn't have put it better myself,' mooed Norma. 'Now just so that you know, Bertha has gone up to the cows nest and Geraldine is steering...if that's alright with you?'

'I suppose so,' said Captain Bill, 'and who's looking after the turny wheel thing?'

'Well........................................Geraldine is!' replied Norma.

'Multitasking!' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'I shall have to keep an eye on her.'

'OK!' said Norma. 'And Annie is helping Cyril with the breakfasts.'

'INCOMING!!!' called out Annie as a sausage shot through the air and hit Captain Bill's hat.

'It's straighter now,' said Norma.

'Fine!' said Captain Bill. 'Ah! This is the way it should be! A salt air, a gentle breeze blowing across the mizzen focsle quarter deck thing and all the crew gainfully employed.'

'True,' replied Norma, 'and of course I suppose, just for once, we can sail on in safety.'

'Safety?' said Captain Bill.

'Well I was just thinking,' replied Norma, 'after our last adventure, which newer readers may be unaware of, it's a pirate free sea.'

'Indeed! So it is!' said Captain Bill. 'I know you thought it was rather harsh at the time but life in a maximum security field was the only option.'

'It can't be very nice though.'

'It's all they deserved,' replied Captain Bill. 'And there they'll stay to while away the rest of their days in an enclosure with quite a high wall and slightly substandard grass.'

'Unless they escape?'

'No,' replied Captain Bill, 'Queen Phoebe will leave nothing to chance. They'll be watched around the clock, their every move scrutinised. Hard labour and all hope gone. I can't imagine how they could ever manage to escape from such a harsh unforgiving environment. You mark my words they'll never be a part of our lives again!'

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Armenoi said...

'All at sea' has so many nuances doesn't it?