Friday, 31 January 2014

Life behind baas

'One across is rope,' said Flossie.

'So it is!' bleated Lefty.

'And seventeen down.'

'So it is!' bleated Lefty.

'Where did this come from anyway?'

'It came through with mum's puzzle magazines,' replied Lefty. 'I think she was trying to order something else and ticked the wrong box.'

'Eight across is rope.'

'So it is!'

'How is she today?'

'She's fine aren't you mum? Mum! MUM!'

'Has she got them turned on?'

'I thought she had. MUM! MUM! I think she's nodded off.'

'Best not disturb her...Ten down's rope.'

'So it is!'

'Is there a sports section?'

'I don't think so,' replied Lefty. 'I've not seen one. To be honest I'm not very impressed. There's an article on the buntline hitch that clearly shows a picture of a sheet bend and some of the typos are shocking.'

'That always detracts,' said Flossie.

''Doping your way to success' was particularly unfortunate if you ask me.'

'Not good!' said Flossie.

'And the paper's poor quality and it's badly held together.'

'Go on?'

'Honest!' replied Lefty. 'The staples are huge and the edges are incredibly rough.'

'Really?' said Flossie. '.........................Let me have a closer look. Three down is rope by the way.'

'So it is!' bleated Lefty.

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Armenoi said...

That pun should not go unpunished!