Saturday, 18 January 2014

Maps! Maps! Maps!

'It was a very valid point,' said Norma.

'Oh, I know that!' replied Captain Bill. 'I recognise the point. I fully concede that it was valid.......I just wish that someone else had made it!'

'I should have thought of it I suppose,' sighed Norma. 'I think I just got carried away with the idea of going on an adventure.'

'Still, no need to give up,' replied Captain Bill.

'But if we don't know who to return the chest to or where they live?'

'Ah, but you're forgetting,' said Captain Bill. 'Maps! If you don't know where you're going you use a map! That was the second thing they taught us at captain school.'

'What was the first?' asked Norma.

'How to keep your hat on straight,' replied Captain Bill. 'So....maps!'

'But,' said Norma, quite slowly, 'we don't know where to take it to.'

'..........................Maps!' said Captain Bill. 'They have things printed on them. Trees, Oceans...more Oceans and...where people live!'

'Yes,' replied Norma, 'but....but, but, but I don't think they work in quite the way you're thinking of. You have to know where you want to go to...then you can look for it on a map. We don't know where we want to go to!'

'......................................Maps!' said Captain Bill. 'You're forgetting that I've spent my entire life navigating across endless tracts of vast ocean spaces and maps are an essential tool without which we would never have survived.'

'Although in the past you've always said they were a pointless waste of time,' replied Norma.

'I think you must be confusing me with someone else,' mooed Captain Bill. 'Maps, maps, maps...good old maps!'

'What are the green bits again?'

'Land!' sighed Norma.


Armenoi said...

Captain Bill's skill with maps wouldn't get them there if they knew where 'there' was anyway. Doesn't he just try to get out of the harbour without opening his eyes and hug the shoreline?

He gets hopelessly lost even when he does know where he should be going, and why is he in such a hurry to depart??? Nothing to do with mega sales of his periodical by any chance?

Steve Allender said...

Ah! The harbour! Funny you should mention that....

Gina said...

Loves me a read of a good map :D XXX