Thursday, 9 January 2014

Poet on a rope

'Steady!' said Norma.

'Steady!' called out Bertha.

Annie nodded and gave two waves on her flag.

'He'll need help when he gets to the top,' said Norma.

Bertha looked at Captain Bill.

'What?' asked Captain Bill.

'You'll have to help him when he gets to the top.'

'ME!' said Captain Bill.

'Yes you,' replied Bertha.

'........................................Err?' said Captain Bill.

'So you'll have to get closer to the edge.'

'............How about...' said Captain Bill.

'No!' mooed Bertha.

'...we give the whole hauling him up on a rope thing a miss...'

'No!' mooed Bertha.

'...and I go down to the harbour. Nothing to do with getting away from the horrible, near certain death, cliff edge and sail the Pickled Heifer around and pick him up from the beach?'

'No!' said Bertha and Norma.

'Shouldn't take more than a day or two,' continued Captain Bill, 'a week at the most, might be a bit of re-rigging to do first. He'd have time to finish that sonnet. Everyone's a winner!'

'I think not,' said Bertha.

'He's almost at the top anyway,' said Norma.

'DROP THE CUPCAKE!!' shouted Bertha.

And Annie gave three waves on her flag towards Geraldine, pulled her one remaining hat down tightly over her horns and stampeded as fast as she could to try to beat Cyril to the cupcake.

Horace meanwhile had come to a halt just below the cliff edge.

'Right,' said Norma to Captain Bill, 'you grab him and I'll grab....I'll grab....I'll grab what he's carrying...Horace..Horace what are you carrying???'

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