Monday, 13 January 2014

Presenting your report

'And so as a result of careful consideration,' continued Annie, 'combined with recently enhanced engineering techniques, coupled with scientific insight and Geraldine's help...'

At this point Geraldine ran forward, curtsied and then ran back.

'Lovely!' mooed Norma.

'Thank you!' said Annie, 'and with Geraldine's help...I managed to attach this big white arrow to my hat!'

And Annie waggled her hats and the big white arrow fell off and landed in the snow.

'Bum!' said Annie.

Captain Bill sighed deeply.

'Am I likely to still be below pensionable age when this finishes?' he asked.

Annie shrugged her horns.

'Perhaps we should get on?' suggested Norma.

'In which case,' said Annie, 'I shall leave out my sponsor's request to mention wave powered turkeys.'

'Where is the fat one anyway?' asked Captain Bill.

'He said he had better things to do,' replied Norma.

'Honest I suppose,' breathed Captain Bill.

'We were going to get on!' added Bertha.

'Mon pleasureables,' mooed Annie. 'So scientific do da's etc, etc, we, that is me and ace pengiming, skier, writer, general all around helper...'

'GET ON WITH IT!' snapped Captain Bill.

'Probably keen to get back to Mrs Tree,' said Annie to Norma. 'Soooooo anyhow we discovered this highly important label on the top of the chest.'

And here Annie picked up the big white arrow, tapped it against the label and poked a sizable hole through it.

'Bums again!' said Annie.

And Captain Bill walked off.


Gina said...

I am pretty sure this is how hubby sees ALL office meetings lol :D XXX

Armenoi said...

I love Bill's scarf.