Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Should they stay or should they go now?

'No, no not excited yet,' mooed Captain Bill.

'It is very badly damaged,' replied Norma. 'We think it may have been there some time.'

'Well you can tell that from the fact that it's all brown and worn,' said Captain Bill.

'To be honest a lot of the staining came from a cup of hot chocolate that got spilled over it,' replied Norma.

'And it's so worn because?'

'Annie tried to lick the chocolate back off,' admitted Norma.

'I suppose we should be grateful Cyril wasn't helping,' said Captain Bill.

'That was my thought,' replied Norma. 'But Annie did eventually manage to decipher the last few lines at the bottom.'

Captain Bill stared at the lines at the bottom.

'If....if bound toast???' 

'If found lost,' corrected Norma. 'If found lost and returned unopened a substantial reward will be paid.'

Captain Bill thought for a while.

'Are we sure?' he asked.

'Annie and Geraldine are in complete agreement,' replied Norma.

'So I'm guessing you're suggesting that we set sail on some sort of adventure on the word of someone who talks to trees and a penguin?' said Captain Bill.

'At least I didn't marry one!' called out Annie.

'It might be fun,' said Norma, 'going on an adventure.'

'It never has been in the past,' replied Captain Bill.

'Of course you'd have to be in charge,' said Norma. 'We'd be setting sail into the wide blue yonder. You'd have to tell us all what to do...and there'd be navigating as well. You'd need to find your knitted compass.'

'I'll regret it I know I will,' replied Captain Bill.

'And you could take those copies of Rope Monthly with you. You might find that overseas market you talked about.'

'......................................................OK!' said Captain Bill.

So Norma sent Annie off on an errand while she helped Captain Bill look for his knitted compass.

'Is this it then?' asked Captain Bill as they walked along.

'What?' asked Norma.

'The plot?' asked Captain Bill.

'I think so,' replied Norma.

'Only I thought we'd done something like this before?'

'Nobody will remember,' replied Norma. ',...........................Hopefully!'


Armenoi said...

Knowing the plot doesn't stop people going to pantomimes.

Gina said...

lol...very neatly done :D XXX