Friday, 24 January 2014

Sign here please!

'Well I think it was a rotten thing to have done without warning him,' mooed Norma.

'I was only trying to help Geraldine,' replied Bertha. 

'Which was kind,' accepted Norma, 'and I don't blame her for any of this and I would always support anyone who wanted to better themselves...but you must have known the effect it would have.'

'He'll get over it,' replied Bertha, 'but should he decide he doesn't want to be captain anymore.'

'Well he still has my support,' said Norma. 'Despite his...his.'

'Incompetence?' suggested Bertha.

'I wasn't going to put it in quite that way,' replied Norma, 'and in future I think these sort of things should be done in the open so everyone knows what's going on.'

'We weren't the only ones to sign,' said Bertha.

'Geraldine was kind enough to show me a copy of her application form,' replied Norma. 'Annie's signature seems to consist of a crayon drawing of a smiley penguin.'

'PENGIMINGS!!!' mooed Annie and she banged her head on the window, dropped the mop she was using and fell backwards into the Pickled Heifer.

'And Horace,' said Bertha, 'don't forget he signed as well.'

'I've spoken to him,' replied Norma. 'According to him Cyril told him it was an entry form for a poetry competition and to quote Horace, Cyril said, 'sign here, I'll take care of the rest, you deserve it'.'

'Not my recollection,' said Cyril.

Norma moved very close to Cyril.

'I'm sure you can work out who's recollection I'm putting more faith in,' she replied with a smile, 'and while I think of it I'd be grateful if you could refund him the competition entry fee! Sorry to get shouty. Have a lovely day now.'


Armenoi said...

Lovely - a feisty Norma. So protective ;)

Gina said...

Ooooow....naughty Cyril! :D XXX