Monday, 6 January 2014

This way to the injured poet

'Hopeless!' muttered Captain Bill. 'Absolutely hopeless!'

'It was an accident,' replied Norma.

'Well why does he need to stand that close to the edge anyway?'

'I think it's just a poet thing,' replied Norma.

'And falling off helps does it?'

'Actually!' called out Horace.

'He needs inspiration,' mooed Norma.

'Well can't he be inspired somewhere else?' asked Captain Bill.

'It is a very pretty view,' replied Norma.

'That's got nothing to do with it!' called out Horace.

'This would never have happened if he's stuck to limericks,' added Captain Bill.

'So,' asked Norma, 'are you actually going to come and help?'

'There's no point in all of us standing on the edge,' replied Captain Bill. 'As your Captain it's only right that I maintain some distance and act in a more...supervisory capacity.'

'And use the only available rope to tie yourself to a tree?'

'Safety first!' replied Captain Bill. 'I would be failing you if I placed myself in danger. The others will be here soon and you said yourself that Bertha was getting a longer piece.

'And until then you're staying over there?' asked Norma.

'In my opinion only a complete lunatic would get that close to the edge,' replied Captain Bill. 

Just as Annie ran past him and came to a halt at the cliff edge. 

'Coooooooeeeeeeeee!' she called down to Horace.

'Hello!' replied Horace.

'Sorry about the hats!' continued Annie as they fell off.

'That's fine!' replied Horace.

'Captain Thingy's got married but he can't remember who to.' 

'I have not got married!' shouted Captain Bill.

'I think it might be to a tree,' continued Annie. 'He's tied himself to it so they must be very close.'

'I don't suppose there would be any point in asking you to leave?' said Captain Bill.

'Why?' asked Annie. 'Do you want to be alone with the tree? 

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Armenoi said...

Does that tree look like it wants to give Annie a little push???