Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A pyramid of pirate sheep

'On reflection,' bleated Flossie, 'it would have been more advantageous to have had Dave at the top.'

'He was very insistent,' replied Lefty, 'and there's no way the flock would have accepted the idea of you being at the bottom.'

'Kind,' said Flossie, 'but the whole stability thing is feeling distinctly suspect.'

'I could come down and swap with him,' suggested Lefty.

'Nice thought,' replied Flossie, 'but I think we're already committed. Another time perhaps.'

'If you're sure?' asked Lefty.

'Best if we just press on,' said Flossie. 'Hooky, what's out there?'

Hooky tapped several times.

'I thought as much,' replied Flossie, 'and the guards?'

Hooky tapped several times more.

'Curses!' said Flossie. 'Curses and several other mild expressions of frustration. They must have realised we've escaped.'

'We could rush them?' suggested Lefty. 'Dave is still sans pointy sword so health and safety wise we'd have no problem with running.'

'No!' replied Flossie. 'No, we need to think this through. Hooky, we're going to want detail. Leave nothing out. I want to know how many ships? How many guards? Patrols, checkpoints, bits of fence that someone could get their head stuck in. We need to plan!'

'I could get Mum to take notes,' said Lefty. 'Mum! Mum!........MUM!'

'Maybe best not to shout,' bleated Flossie. 'Rather keen to avoid the whole drawing attention to ourselves scenario.'

'Fair point,' replied Lefty. 'Mum!...Mum! Has she?'

'I think so,' said Flossie.

'We have covered a lot of ground.'

'Entirely understandable,' replied Flossie.


Gina said...

Aaaaw bless...Dave is a real trooper/pirate :D XXX

Armenoi said...

The best picture and the best lines. I love them!!! (Sorry Bovines)