Friday, 7 February 2014

At the top of her mast

'I don't think for a moment that they've actually eaten all the breakfasts,' said Norma.

'Hmm, but it would be more trouble than it's worth to prove it,' replied Bertha, 'and nobody will really mind calling in at King Otto's.'

'That's why I didn't bother checking with you,' said Norma. 'I thought you'd be happy to.'

'They used to have a very good wool stall on the market by the harbour,' replied Bertha, 'and I could do with some double knit.'

'What are you working on at the moment?'

'I'm not actually sure,' replied Bertha. 'I want to try to combine knitting with sculpture so this is more of a conceptual piece. I'm really just seeing where the needles take me. I've got some spare ones if you'd like to join in?'

'Another time,' said Norma. 'I don't like to be away too long.'

'How are things on deck?' asked Bertha. 'Is his hat on straight yet?'

'Almost,' said Norma. 'I left him working on his new improved seaweed weather forecaster. He seemed to think banging a few more nails into it might help.'

'Just so long as he's not steering.'

'Geraldine's doing that and Horace is happy, well happy in a Horace kind of way, to be on standby. I must say I love the way you've organised things up here.

'Thank you,' replied Bertha. 'I try to make it as comfortable as possible.'

'The addition of the bookshelf is a nice touch.'

'It helps to pass the time and when I've finished reading one I've got something to throw at Captain Bill. Another cake?'

'Hmm, shame not to,' said Norma.

So Norma and Bertha chatted for a while and later on Bertha managed to knock Captain Bill's hat off with a well aimed copy of 'Quantum Physics made difficult'.

(I'm afraid there will be no blog tomorrow. Back on Monday, somewhere around lunchtime. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.)


Armenoi said...

First time I've seen two cows in a c(r)ow's nest. It's a little like a nautical tardis.

baahar said...

"Quantum physics made difficult" = brillian!! :)