Tuesday, 4 February 2014

For all your weather and breakfast news

'And with three different types of seaweed the weather forecasting should be even more accurate than ever,' explained Captain Bill.

'Lovely,' said Norma.

'I made the frame myself,' added Captain Bill.

'I thought you might have,' replied Norma.

'I like to think I can turn my hoof to most things.'

'Mmm,' said Norma, 'it's got a very...rustic quality.'

'I might add a bit of inlay to it if I can find the time and a brass handle to make it easier to carry.'

Be careful not to overdo it,' said Norma. 'Now, moving on to other things, I can confirm that Annie's rendition of 'Where have all the breakfasts gone' was both surprisingly tuneful and correct.'

Captain Bill sighed.

'So we're going to need to stop off somewhere and replenish.'

'We could try Sneegle and Fitch I suppose?' suggested Captain Bill.

'True,' replied Norma. 'That did occur to me but I'm not sure where they'd be sailing at this time of year and they do still have banning orders out on several members of the crew.'

'Oh, how I envy them,' said Captain Bill. 'So we're left with?'

'It's not far,' replied Norma, 'and we know they'll have what we want and we could ask about the chest as well and we haven't seen them all for such a long time.'

'Have you mentioned it to 'you know who'?'

'I thought we could try to keep it quite for the time being,' replied Norma. 'We all know how excited she'll get.'

So Captain Bill agreed with Norma as to where they would head and that under absolutely no circumstances was Annie to be told.

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Armenoi said...

So how long before word gets out then? I am surprised Captain Bill was so compliant but then a lack of breakfasts can do that to a bovine I believe.