Monday, 3 February 2014

Going underground

'Well apart from disposing of the soil the tunnel's coming along just fine,' bleated Lefty.

'Is it proving to be a problem then?' asked Flossie.

'Afraid so,' replied Lefty. 'Still, top plan!'

'If you ask me it's a classic,' said Flossie. 'Straight out of the crows nest of despicable pirate escape ideas.'

'And now that we've been able to fashion those staples into very small but perfectly serviceable pick heads we should be through the comparatively soft but previously unmineable limestone substrata in next to no time,' replied Lefty. 'Although Hooky has expressed a preference to continue to use his...well...hook.'

'And who am I to stand in his way?' replied Flossie. 'A team effort is all about allowing for individuality while still maintaining a harmonious group focus. As long as each person feels that they're properly involved and that that involvement is genuinely valued then half my job's done.'

'While we're on the subject,' said Lefty, 'sorry about mum nodding off during her shift.'

'Never a problem!' replied Flossie. 'The whole flock looks up to her! Grand lady!'

'Thanks,' said Lefty, 'but it was four hours lost. I think it was just because it was so hot down there.'

'Stifling!' bleated Flossie, 'I nearly did the same thing myself. If I can get to her age and still be making a contribution to the flock I'll be well happy.'

'Right,' replied Lefty, 'well I think we're just about done. I'll see how things are going digging wise and have a ponder about this soil management problem.'

'Sounds like you're well on top of it to me,' said Flossie, 'I'd better put me own thinking cap on and work out what we're going to do after we break out. We'll still be deep inside hostile territory and there's a herd of armour clad, pointy spear armed, King Otto employed guards to consider as well as the fact that we don't have a ship to escape in...and if that isn't running a possible plot development up the mainsail I don't know what is!  


Armenoi said...

What soil problem?
Dress Lefty's mum up in black velvet and you've got your solution - mole hills!

Steve Allender said...

It's that sort of idea that could get you a place in the flock anytime!

Armenoi said...

I hadn't considered pirating as a career but their egailtarianism and flock management are rather appealing. "Ah haaaa Flossie lad!"
Just practicing.

Gina said... me...I owes you cake! :D XXX