Monday, 17 February 2014

On the value of the concrete trumpet

'Well I think it's a bit of a liberty!' trumpeted Norman.

Annie ran anticlockwise around Norman for 3 minutes and then gave him a huge hug.

'I shall still love you,' she mooed.

'Thanks,' replied Norman, 'and I'd like to make it quite clear that if anything happens while I'm away I won't be blamed.'

'I shall stand by you,' said Annie, 'or on you or under you or within a 5 mile radius of you.'

'Very kind,' said Norman.

'Pleasure,' replied Annie and she hugged Norman again.

'Thanks again,' said Norman. 'Now, I think that's done, no smears as far as I can see?'

'Shall we take a bun break?'

'I was hoping you might suggest that,' said Norman, 'it's been at least half an hour.'

'My chum, Lord Sir Lord Cyril of Nommingshire recommends never going more than 10 minutes without food,' replied Annie, '...not including snacks.'

'Is a bun a snack?' asked Norman.

'It all depends on how you think of them,' replied Annie. 'Personabubbly I shall try to think of them as concrete trumpets which aren't something that I would want to eat at all either as a meal or a snack and therefore they won't count as such.'

'I like the idea!' said Norman.

So Annie and Norman both had a dozen concrete trumpets with butter and jam.

'I also,' said Annie, as they were (not) eating, 'had an idea about bananas and clouds that could revolutionise public transport.'

'It's people like you that drive society forward,' replied Norman.

'That's because there are no brakes fitted in my head,' said Annie and she tilted sideways so that Norman could look into her ear.

'Good for you!' he replied.

And they each had another half a dozen concrete trumpets just to be on the safe side.


Armenoi said...

I always wondered about her genius. I think I shall go and have my brakes removed.

Steve Allender said...

You'll find things so much easier!