Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The wisdom of Chef Cyril

'And so by convincing everyone that we're out of breakfasts we're almost certain to put in at King Otto's, which means you'll get to see Norman,' explained Cyril.

Annie vibrated so much she almost fell off her stool.

'He is an elephant you know,' she mooed. 'I luffs him!'

'Good for you!' said Cyril.

'Do you think he'll still have a trunk?' asked Annie.

'I'd expect him to,' replied Cyril. 'I've a known a few elephants in my time and they've always had trunks.'

'I wonder where they get them from?' asked Annie, who had by now fallen off and was laying sideways on the floor.

'I don't know,' replied Cyril. 'You could always ask him.'

'He might have forgotten.'

'I doubt it,' replied Cyril. 'Now are we prepared because these sausages are almost cooked.'

'I think so,' said Annie. 'Shall I get some more ready?'

'Hmm,' said Cyril, 'maybe just another dozen or so.'


'Of course!'

So Annie picked herself up and looked in the sausage draw.

'There's only about 400 left!' she said.

'You know,' mused Cyril, 'I suspect that by the time we arrive at King Otto's we really will have eaten all the breakfasts.'

'So we won't have fibbed at all!' mooed Annie.

'It'll be a weight off my mind,' said Cyril.

So in a valiant attempt to put themselves at ease Cyril and Annie set about the task of finishing off the sausages and the tomatoes and the mushrooms and the grass fritters and the beans and the fried bread which they followed up with copious amounts of toast and marmalade and an awful lot of tea.

And the good news is they really did feel better for having done so.  

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