Thursday, 6 February 2014

There is a green hill far away

'Ha! Ha! Ha!' Free at last! Ha! Ha! Etc, etc,' bleated Flossie.

'Oh, very good!' said Lefty.

'Really?' asked Flossie.

'Indeed,' replied Lefty. 'For me it conveyed relief at having escaped but with a touch of inevitable bloodcurdling revenge. Time and place to be arranged.'

'That's pretty much what I was after,' said Flossie, 'and it does feel genuinely good to be on the outside...with some slightly better quality grass.'

'And without the ball and chains as well,' added Lefty. 'Who would have thought that those self same oversized, rough edged, magazine staples that served us so well with the tunnelling would also make such excellent files?'

'True!' said Flossie.

'Somewhat surprised they never spotted the soil pile though.'

'Yes,' agreed Flossie, 'perhaps on reflection we did take the whole 'maximum security, escape completely impossible' billing a little too seriously?'

'Anyway, out now!' said Lefty.

'Correct,' replied Flossie, 'and despite our enviable good fortune with the initial operation we can only suspect that it's a matter of time before we're rumbled.'

'Plan of action?' asked Lefty.

Hmm,' said Flossie, '...............take to the hills?'

'Already on one,' replied Lefty.

'So we are!' bleated Flossie. 'Well let's tick that box and move on. I suppose we could scatter, every sheep for themselves and then arrange a rendezvous somewhere later on.'

'Not sure the flock would like that,' replied Lefty. 'Think they'd rather stick a flock.'

'OK,' said Flossie,'...err....well we could, sticking together as a flock, evade the hostiles, make our way down into town, steal a ship under their very noses and make for the open seas?'

And the flock bleated in agreement.

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Armenoi said...

You would think that Flossie would have got the general premis of a flock by now.