Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Knitted logs and badly planned oceans

'I'm just not sure you can knit logs,' said Norma.

'That just shows your lack of commitment and imagination,' mooed Annie. 'If my memory serves me correctly you said the same thing about crocheted trains.'

'I concede you surprised me on that occasion,' replied Norma.

'Anyhoweverables,' continued Annie, 'if I don't succeed I shall turn it into something else...a hat or a chimney or some such.'

'Another log?' asked Norman.

'Many thanks!' replied Norma.

And at that moment Captain Geraldine appeared, waved her wings around, looked at the boiler, counted the remaining logs, jumped up and down and then scampered back toward the bow.

'I get the feeling we're still not travelling fast enough for her,' said Norma.

'We're keeping pace with them,' called back Bertha, who was steering, 'but we need to catch up!'

'Another log?' asked Norman.

'Good idea!' replied Norma.

'Perhaps if we went downhill we'd go faster?' mused Annie.

'Tricky thing to do when at sea,' replied Norma. 'There are almost never any hills on an ocean.'

Annie stopped knitting and looked at Norma.

'That's very poor planning,' she said. 'Do you want me to write and complain?'

'Another time,' replied Norma, 'and I'm not sure who you would write to...or their address.'

'There's probably a minister of wobbly blue things,' said Annie, 'and I would address it to 'By a rock pool, having a paddle on the beach', because that's what I'd be doing if I were them.'

'Difficult to fault your logic,' replied Norma.

'Another log?' asked Norman.

'Don't mind if I do,' replied Norma.

And the chase went on.

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