Thursday, 27 March 2014

Motivational speaking

'Flock reporting for pre-disembarkation pep talk and any other matters arising,' advised Lefty.

'Is this really everyone?' asked Flossie.

'As can be spared,' replied Lefty.

'Not many?' 

'There is still essential steering work to be done,' replied Lefty, 'and Mum's feeling a bit tired.'

'It's that time of day,' agreed Flossie. 'Wouldn't mind a nap myself. Still, on with the talk, basic plan, arrive at island, pop inland, create havoc, looting, raiding, etc, etc. Then double back, find a more suitable ship and push forward with the general pirating.'

The flock bleated in agreement.

'And just to confirm,' asked Lefty, 'because I have been asked to enquire, we'll be doing all of this together, as a flock?'

'Indeed!' replied Flossie. 'I see no reason to split us up.'

And once more the flock bleated in agreement (only more heartily because they'd been genuinely worried about it).

'Also,' added Lefty, 'while we're all here, pleased to report during my final search, didn't find any cannon but did find this!'

'Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!' said Flossie. 'A treasure chest!'

'That was my summation,' replied Lefty. 'Thought you'd be happy.'

'Mood called correctly,' said Flossie. 'Had been feeling a little low to be honest but feeling better now. What's in it?'

'It's locked.'

'OK!' said Flossie. 'I think we'll take it with us. Save the surprise for later.'

'Which just leaves the question of the prisoners?'

'Hmm,' mused Flossie, 'got to be honest, bored with them. Now, time allowing, would run out a plank, give the crew some entertainment. But I suspect we need to be getting on.'

Leave them behind then?' suggested Lefty.

'I think so,' replied Flossie. 'Because I'm absolutely, completely and utterly convinced that our paths will never, ever, cross again ..........ever.......................ever................................................ever! 


Armenoi said...

Much as i have grown to like Flossie, a lot, he hasn't got much
a) memory, and
b) logical reasoning ability
viz "I have met these characters before and each time, miraculously they prevailed" and "On each occasion there were more than two of them characters and I do happen to have stumbled upon the most inept."
But perhaps years of running with the flock has dulled his perspicacity.

Gina said...

Never say never...ever