Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Send in the cones

'Now, don't want to seem ungrateful,' said Flossie, 'but have to be honest...feel silly.'

'Safe though,' replied Lefty.

True, true,' said Flossie. 'Still, sometimes, just thinking out loud here, think we carry it all too far.'

'It's only while you're up there.'

'Good! Happy for the reassurance,' replied Flossie. 'Could I ask though, do we really have to have the cone?'

'It's only a little one.'

'Never the less?'

'Know you're not happy about it,' said Lefty, 'but the nails in the harness do constitute a trip hazard.'

'OK!' replied Flossie. 'Question asked, answer given. Moving forward, what news of our chasing steam powered adversaries?'

'Getting ever closer,' bleated Lefty.

'Taking your word for it,' replied Flossie. 'Partly because I implicitly trust you and partly because I can't turn around.'

'On the upside, almost certain they won't reach us before we get to the island,' added Lefty.

'And you're quite sure about the lack of cannon?'

'Could have one last look but I've been around twice and looked in the cupboards.'

'I'd appreciate it if you would,' replied Flossie. 'Failing that I think it best if we get the crew together and I'll give them a talk.'

'From up there?'

'Hmm? On the plus side I'd have the advantage of height but I think I'll come down if it's all the same.

'I'll ask Hooky to get the ladder and safety landing mattress.'

'Really no need,' replied Flossie.

But Lefty did it anyway. 

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