Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The 'T' word

'I see we've almost caught them!' trumpeted Norman.

'Indeed,' replied Norma. 'I think we've done very well.'

'Mmm,' said Norman, 'and I have to say I've enjoyed the thrill of the chase. It's not something I get to experience very often.'

'Really?' asked Norma.

'Well normally I tend to catch people up quite quickly,' said Norman and he waved a large leg in the air.

'I suppose you would,' replied Norma. 'I'd never really thought about it before. Now Bertha and Geraldine and myself have been having a little chat about what might happen when we actually get alongside of the Pickled Heifer. The consensus seems to be that we think there's a good chance they could try to throw things at us.'

'Not pleasant,' said Norman.

'No!' replied Norma. 'But I suppose that's despicable pirate sheep for you. So if they do throw things at us we may have to throw them back and we thought, if you wouldn't mind, that you could be the person to do the throwing?'

'Right,' said Norman, 'and how would I throw them back. How did you envisage me doing that?'

'Well,' began Norma.

'Did you think I'd use my ears?'

'Erm,' said Norma.

'Or my tail?'

'Erm,' said Norma again.

'Or,' suggested Norman, 'could you possibly be expecting me to use my trunk?'

'I was trying to avoid saying so,' replied Norma.

'It was the elephant in the boat,' said Norman.

'We do value you as a person,' mooed Norma.

'...............I know!' said Norman.

So Norma went forward and Norman did a few warming up exercises with his trunk. Because as all elephants know, you should never throw things with a cold trunk.

(Dear Readers, Finding it difficult to follow a blog between Norma and Norman? You should try writing it!)  

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Armenoi said...

Ah, I see your dilemma and they are both such nice people 'to boot'. I just remember that Norman is the one wearing the raincoat and is usually in disguise. Does that help?