Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The thrill of the chase

'It turns out that the knitted logs burn very well indeed,' explained Norma.

'We've noticed the increase in speed,' replied Bertha. 'We're catching them up!'

'So Annie wants to try embroidering some coal,' continued Norma.

'Clever!' mooed Bertha.

'But she's run out of wool,' said Norma, 'so I was wondering?'

'I thought that might be why you were here,' replied Bertha. 'Well, if needs must!' 

And without taking her eyes off the Pickled Heifer she lent over so that Norma could pull the balls of wool off of her horn.

'Thanks,' said Norma. 'We can always shop for more once this is all over.'

'I think we should combine it with a hat buying trip,' replied Bertha.

'It would seem a shame not to,' replied Norma. 'How's Captain Geraldine getting on?'

Geraldine turned towards Norma, waved her wings around, opened her beak and pointed at her stomach.

'Lunchtime!' said Bertha.

'Pilchards on toast?' asked Norma.

'Pilchards on pilchards on pilchards on toast,' replied Bertha. 'It's hungry work being a Captain but she's doing wonderful work!'

'I must say it is nice to be able to concentrate on my own role without having to worry all the time,' replied Norma.

'And she knows Port from Starboard,' added Bertha.

'It's a whole new world,' mooed Norma. 'Right, I'd better be getting back. We mustn't forget why we're here. I just hope the others are alright?' 

'They'd better be!' said Bertha. 

'It must be awful for them,' replied Norma. 'Being held by ruthless pirate sheep. Who knows what terrible situations they're having to endure?'

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Armenoi said...

Good to see the crew again.

Welcome back.