Thursday, 24 April 2014

An expert inaction

'Hmm,' said Cyril, 'I think I begin to see where you're going wrong.'

'By feeding you an endless supply of ma best wine?' replied Camille.

'You'll be thanking me soon enough,' said Cyril. 'I think you'll find it very educational.'

'Well, it's certainly a lesson that neither maself or ma little students will ever forget,' replied Camille.

Cyril took a long draw through both straws and thought for a while.

'Could you open another bottle of the '04?' he asked.

'But you 'ave already 'ad 3 bottles!' mooed Camille.

'Really?' replied Cyril. 'Best open 2 then. It normally takes me at least 5 bottles to assess a vintage.'

But Camille was saved from the dilemma of whether or not to open the bottles by the timely arrival of Norma.

'Just thought I'd pop by and see how things are going?' she said.

'Fine from where I'm standing,' replied Cyril.

'And from where I'm standing I am seeing a lot of empty bottles,' said Camille.

'An expert opinion cannot be rushed,' explained Cyril. 'Now, are you going to open some more?'

'Hmmmm,' replied Camille. 'I suppose so. Little Jean Claude has the corkscrew between 'is tiny 'ooves even as we speak.'

'Good lad!' said Cyril. 'He'll go far, you mark my words.'

'Well, he's already been down to the cellar 4 times!' replied Camille. 

'Keep him fit!' said Cyril.

So the cork was pulled and the wine was poured and everyone was offered a glass.

'Not for me,' said Norma.

'But surely,' said Camille. 'Just one small glass? What 'arm can it do?'

'.....................................Well, if you insist,' mooed Norma.


Armenoi said...

Oh little does she know...

Armenoi said...

Lovely Wisteria.