Friday, 11 April 2014

And 'er little students

'It's sooo lovely to see you again!' mooed Norma.

'Likewise, ma bizarre foreign friends,' replied Camille. 'Myself and my, strangely still small, never getting any bigger despite the passage of time, little students are most pleased to be re-acquainting ourselves with you.'

'Are you well?' asked Bertha.

'Indeed!' confirmed Camille. 'In a 'let's bulk things out with trivial chit chat before getting on with the story line type conversation', I can report that we are all 'up and doing' 'ere! And yourselves?'

'We're fine,' replied Norma.

'Bravo!' mooed Camille. 'And no doubt yourselves and your glorious leader Capitaine Bile are on some sort of preposterous and thinly plotted, readership trailing off, type adventure?'

'You could say so,' replied Bertha.

'And I 'ave!' said Camille.

'And your reason for being here?' asked Norma.

'Well, you find yourselves in what I 'ave been told to describe to you as 'mon neck of the woods' but I feel the need to point out that I'm only saying the line not writing it.'

'Accepted,' said Bertha.

'So you and your little students are on some sort of field trip?' asked Norma.

'Non!' replied Camille. 'Although our being outsidiness might easily lead you to think so, I must inform you that the truth is far more interesting than any of you, with the exception of dear Annie, could possibly imagine.'

'Tell us more?' said Norma and Bertha.

'And so I shall!' replied Camille. 'Although for reasons of building some minor suspense I shall only do so after this bit has ended.'

And so everyone waited for the last line and then Camille told them all. 

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Armenoi said...

Ah ha... it all begins to make sense.
Capitaine Billy Bile will be soooo pleased!!!