Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Avoiding traps and trips

'Can you see anyone?' whispered Norma.

'No!' replied Bertha. 'Can you?'

'No!' said Norma.

'I can!' mooed Annie.

'...............................................Are they real?' asked Norma.

'They are to me,' replied Annie.

'Do they look like pirate sheep?' asked Bertha.

'One's big and grey,' replied Annie.

'That's Norman,' said Norma.

'Can you see him as well then?' asked Annie.

'Yes!' Norma.

'We're standing on him,' added Bertha.

'Hello!' trumpeted Norman.

'I think we should try to concentrate on the mission,' continued Bertha.

'Of course,' replied Norma. 'What do you think we should do?'

'I'm not sure,' replied Bertha. 'It could be a trap.'

But before anyone could say anything else, Geraldine hopped off of Norman and skipped up and down the deck of the Pickled Heifer.

'Or maybe it isn't?' added Bertha and she too jumped onto the deck and immediately tripped over a large nail. 

'OW!' she said.

But apart from that it proved safe enough. So Norma and Annie followed her example and Norman breathed a very, very quiet, almost inaudible, sigh of relief.

'Are you saying we were heavy?' asked Bertha.

But, despite having sized 27 ears, Norman seemed not to hear her question.

And then, just as they were wondering what to do next and much to the girls relief, some familiar faces appeared.

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