Monday, 21 April 2014

Enjoying basic childcare

'I'm just looking after them while Camille's busy,' said Norma.

Oh!..............OK!' replied Horace.

'I just need to keep them entertained.'

'Perhaps I could read them some poetry?' suggested Horace.

'That would be nice,' replied Norma. 

'I've written quite a lot since we've been away. How about 'The Darkening Gloom of My Soul?'


'The there's 'Let Me Not Live Another Day,' or 'Hope, My Only Friend is Lost' or 'Crushed I Lie, Distrou...'

'Or we could just sit in the sun?' mooed Norma.

'Would it be alright if I continued writing?'

'You don't think it might be healthy to take a break?'

'Then what would I do?'

'Well, just sit with me,' replied Norma. 'We could show Camille's little students how to make daisy chains.'

'I think I'd rather write.'

'But making daisy chains is something we could all do...together. And you never know, you might want to write about that as well?'

'I doubt it,' replied Horace.

'I thought you might,' sighed Norma.

'Anyway, I expected that you'd be busy with other things?'

'There isn't much for me to do right now,' replied Norma. 'I've asked Bertha and Norman to help Captain Bill and I'll need to check on Cyril and Annie in a while, but for the moment I'm free.'

'And what about the pirate sheep?' asked Horace.

'Oh crikey!' mooed Norma. 'I'd forgotten all about them! I wonder what they're up to?'

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