Saturday, 26 April 2014

Going shopping the pirate sheep way

'That really is some list!' said Flossie.

'I've ticked the essentials,' replied Lefty. 'We don't have to get the other stuff, but it would be nice.'

'Not sure we'll be able to carry it all anyway?' said Flossie.

'Aha!' bleated Lefty. 'Item number one on the list!'

And he held up the list for Flossie to see.

'If we start by stealing that we can put everything else in it.'

'Genius!' replied Flossie.

'I aim to please,' said Lefty.

'So we can get everything?'

'Hoping so,' replied Lefty.

'Top pirating!' said Flossie. 'Well, as far as I can see, it's full sail ahead.'

'Lads are very much up for it,' replied Lefty. 'But they were wondering, no pressure here,  if you'd decided how we're going to get in?'

'Had a think about it,' explained Flossie. 'And there's a big main entrance. Thought we might just walk through that.'

'Obviously it's your decision,' replied Lefty. '................But there is a fence. 


'We could go through it.'

'No real need to,' said Flossie.

'Could though,' replied Lefty.

'Hmm,' said Flossie. 'Bit concerned, as it's quite narrow between the bars in places.'

'Should be fine.'

'Just think someone could get their head stuck.'

'Still...................lads would like to have a go.'

'Only take a minute to walk around it,' replied Flossie. 'Big main entrance!'

'........................................Still,' said Lefty.

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Armenoi said...

You can see it all happening. No one listens to management. At least not when they are being sensible.