Thursday, 17 April 2014

Innocent until Cyril

'I just don't want you taking advantage of the situation,' explained Norma.

'ME?' exclaimed Cyril.

'You!' replied Norma.

'Never even crossed my mind,' said Cyril.

'Mr Lord Sir Cyril of Cashupfrontshire would never do anything like that,' mooed Annie.

'See!' said Cyril. 'An unsolicited testimonial!'

'Best put an ice pack on it,' said Annie.

'If we could concentrate?' continued Norma. 'Camille's a lady of...reasonable standards and I don't want you doing anything to lower them...any further than they already gone.'

'I give you my word,' said Cyril.

'I could give you lots of words,' added Annie. 'Saucepan, Friday, effervescent, bum, spinach...'

'Probably enough,' said Norma.

'You're the boss!' replied Annie. 'but do say if you want any more. I've got a bunch starting with 'w' that are going out of date. I could do you buy one get one free?'

'So,' said Norma, 'IF Camille does ask, I expect you to behave...both of you!'

And with that Norma turned and herded away.

'She does like to go off on one on occasions,' sighed Cyril.

'You don't think she's caught 'serious' do you?' asked Annie.

'Sadly a possibility,' replied Cyril. Now, just a couple more signs and we'll be good to go.'

'And do you still need me to make those certificates?' mooed Annie.

'.........................................Be a shame not to!' said Cyril.  

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Armenoi said...

Good to see Geraldine expanding her horizons.