Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Introducing Mr Snail

'Ah!' said Captain Bill. 'I didn't think it would take you long to put in an appearance.'

'I was worried about you,' replied Cyril. 'I said as much to Horace. I must go and see how they are, I said, you follow on when you're ready.'

'And what aspect of us being in a vineyard was causing you particular concern?' asked Captain Bill.

'So many potential hazards,' replied Cyril. 'You could easily catch your hat on a twig.'

'Or slip on a slightly larger than usual grape?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Could happen,' said Cyril.

'Well it'll come as some relief to you then to find that we're all OK.'

'Indeed!' said Cyril. 'Might as well stick around though, now that I'm here. Introduce myself to the locals, whoever they might be?'

'Vinelandianians!' mooed Annie.

'Quite possibly,' agreed Cyril.

'Captain Thingimy has already made friends with one of them,' continued Annie.

'It is not a person,' replied Captain Bill. 'It's a snail.'

'Snails are people to!' said Annie.

'Morning Mr Snail,' said Cyril.

'Your just saying that to annoy me, aren't you?' asked Captain Bill.

'Not just that,' replied Cyril.

'I won't rise to it,' said Captain Bill. 'I shall just ignore you.'

'Don't you think we should try to get on better?' replied Cyril. 'At least in front of Mr Snail.'

'I'm going to join the others,' said Captain Bill and he herded off down the slope.

'He's taken Mr Snail!' exclaimed Annie.

'I'd let them go,' said Cyril. 'It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.'

And they followed on behind Captain Bill...without waiting for Horace.

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