Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mmmmm Coffee!

'You did say we'd stay together,' bleated Lefty.

'We are!' replied Flossie. 'He's only just over there.'

It's quite a distance.'

'Never!' cried Flossie. 'Look! You can see him from here, sitting on the wall. He could turn around now and give us a wave. Strange how he's still slightly threatening and Hooky's gone halfway. It's no distance at all.'

'Lads still get nervous about that sort of thing,' said Lefty.

'Well we couldn't all go! It'd defeat the whole object. How could we all go on a recce and then come back and tell ourselves what we'd just seen? Be silly!'

'I suppose you're right,' replied Lefty.

'Good! Now, while he's gone, we can all relax and wait................................Did you have sugar in yours?'


'I think I must have it then.'

'They normally put a little mark on the top.'

'Can't see one,' muttered Flossie. 'Did you remember to get your card stamped?'

'Mmm,' replied Lefty. 'They didn't have any of those vanilla wafers though.'

'Really?' said Flossie. 'I like them. Did you burn the place down is a retaliatory gesture of unrivalled pirate thuggery?

'Thought better of it,' replied Lefty. 'Firstly because we may want to pop back there later on and secondly because I thought it might jeopardise the low profile aspect of our present mission.'

'Good thinking!' said Flossie.'

'Oh, and I can't find a piece of paper that I was carrying.'

'Wouldn't worry about it,' replied Flossie. 'No good ever came of paperwork.'

So Lefty didn't worry and everyone finished their drinks and then, around 2.15, Slightly Threatening Dave came back and gave his report. 

Which proved to be both surprising AND interesting.

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